Exhibition “Winter calm” 17.12.2011. – 17.03.2012.

“Even when they do not think about it, people feel the uniqueness of these December days when winter is just beginning, but which also bring the longest night of the year and the deepest gloom. That moment is captured and frozen into most paintings of this small, yet powerful exhibition. They don’t offer solace; they don’t offer recognition that the longest night of the year also leads into rebirth of light, warmth, life.

These paintings bear witness to the moment of darkness. And so they strongly agitate not noise but silence. For all was said that had to be said, and it did not help. Will a ray of light be discerned behind these frozen and darkened horizons, depends only on us, the observers. This is exactly, it appears, what the artist commands us to do.” Branimir Pofuk

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