Retrospective 1953 - 2013 — One hundred works of a master of Croatian Naive Art 28.06.2013. – 18.08.2013.

  • Naive Art Gallery Hlebine
  • Koprivnica Gallery
  • Atelier Mijo Kovačić Gornja Šuma
  • Mijo Kovačić Gallery Zagreb

In this grand retrospective exhibition City of Koprivnica Museum is presenting Mijo Kovačić through one hundred works of this master of Croatian Naive Art, painted in oil on glass technique in the period from 1953 to 2013, which are displayed in Naive Art Gallery Hlebine, Koprivnica Gallery, Mijo Kovačić Gallery in Zagreb, and exhibition space in Atelier Mijo Kovačić in Gornja Šuma. This great retrospective represents sixty years of creative work of the great master of Croatian Naive Art, while Naive Art aficionados shall enjoy in selected anthological themes and motifs which perpetuated space and time, paintings on glass depicting panoramas of Podravina with deep perspectives and local motifs of epic scenery and primeval beauty of the landscape.

Richness of storytelling and closeness to people and the area bordering between satire and the fantastic are a part of Mijo Kovačić's world in which symbolism, intuition and drama of folk chronicler are determined by river Drava as the foundation of spiritual understanding.

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